Connection Session

Shoulder MASH to Internal Rotation Stretch

—Shoulder MASH—

A myofascial release technique used to loosen the tissues in the neck and shoulders by driving blood flow, warmth and awareness into the tissues, helps you build on top of your posture, and is highly effective in treating and preventing injuries


Internal Rotation Stretch

Over time, the shoulders can inadvertently be trained to roll forward—the muscles will interpret this slumped position as the body’s natural state, which can be very harmful if left untreated, as this can increase stress and pain around the neck, shoulders and upper back.  

We know that optimally functioning muscles allow us to perform normal activities with ease, but with pain, stiffness and tension, comes physical limitations and/or loss of normal function.

With these two techniques being apart of your routine, the synergy of benefits will have you on your way to developing optimal shoulder mobility, range of motion and true internal rotation.

Start with a closed or open (whatever is most comfortable for you) fist behind the back, hooking the back part of the elbow on a wall, door, tree, etc. While the elbow is pinned forward, you are able to pull your shoulder backwards. You should feel this stretch in the back part of the shoulder. This enables the muscles to stretch beyond their initial maximum, resulting in increased flexibility and true internal rotation—as opposed to what happens overtime when we are constantly rounding our shoulders—

At HPC, we want you to be dominating your body, but we know that getting on top of the pains and problems you have, isn’t always easy.
But if we can create hacks—like the Shoulder MASH & Internal Rotation Stretch—if we can create convenience when you’re trying to understand your body, then getting yourself out of pain and/or closer to optimal function will be easy.

As always, KEEP MOVIN’

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