CrossFit Open 19.3

It sounded fun… Wait. No it didn’t!

From a personal perspective (that of a tall and lean athlete), a feeling of excitement jolted though my body as overhead walking lunges were announced. Excitement changed to child-like glee when weighted step-ups were announced. Full on hyperventilation was about to occur when handstand push-ups came up next. That is, of course, until they used one word.

A short word.

A strong word.

A seismic word.


All happiness left my world and I was left with deep contemplation over whether any of this was worth it… not the Open, but just plain life in general.

After slowly regaining color in my world and complexion, I was able to manage a silver-lining. I was able to find validation in this workouts capability to enhance my overall fitness through tackling weakness. I was able to suck it up, embrace the grind, and come out on the other side… surprised, happy, and even satisfied with my score but more so, my effort.

And I want the same for you. This video will take you down the path of preperation and awareness to maximize your 19.3 capacity. Enjoy!

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