CrossFit Open 19.2

Keys to Success

We are back once again, once again, right?

19.2 is a repeat of 16.2 and for the long, skinny folks that praised the heavens in 19.1, it was a collective GROAN as the compact and strong CHEERED for a chance at redemption!

This workout is a special variety of GRIND as the weight increases for the squat cleans as you become even more fatigued. However, this workout isn’t really about the Sexy Clean. On the contrary, it is about the boring SKILLS that allow you to express your power. This video will clue you in…

Key Components

  1. Warm up your posterior chain (hips/hamstring/groin) for the squat with the pigeon stretch
  2. Warm up your posterior chain and your anterior chain (psoas/quad/TFL) for just about everything with the squatting runners stretch
  3. Un-Inhibit the TTB with the hinge-flexion-hinge mobilization. It will reduce the resistance from your posterior chain so it is easy to get your toes to the bar
  4. Free up your Lats with a mobilization so that you don’t thrash your rotator cuff, bursae, or biceps tendon in the TTB and your front rack is free and available for the cleans.
  5. Get some good warm up into the calves, Achilles, and plantar fascia so there are no surprises in the double-under… and you are operating as an INDUSTRIAL SPRING rather than a SLINKY!
  6. Relax and Progress your Gymnastics and Skill
  7. Have Fun and Stay Alive as you express your Power with the Clean!

Good Luck and #keepmoving


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