Doc-cast #8 – Habit and Positive Self-Talk

Why not you?  Make the Decision!

It may seem “cheesy” or “cliche”, but what you tell yourself is what you get out of yourself.  

And I already hear you… “I know, I know, I know.  Let’s move on to the next topic.”

Critical error, folks; CRITICAL ERROR!

If you want the long version, get Jen Sincero’s book, “You are a BADASS.”  Awesome book to give, get, listen to, or read.  And if you actually understand and apply the concepts, life gets a hell of a lot easier simply because you push your thoughts to a different level.

Short Version – Your thoughts formulate your actions which dictate your reality and progress into your future.  

Shitty thoughts = Shitty future

Random thoughts = Random future

Intentional positive and productive thoughts = Intentional (Predictable) positive and productive future.

This doc-cast hits somewhere in between the long and short version and discusses modifications to your thinking regarding improving your physical future.

Good luck and remember… You are a Badass! #keepmoving #keepunderstanding


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